About Us

We Are Compensation Pros.

HR Know, LLC is a full-service Compensation Consulting firm founded by Igor Shegolev in 1999. Our mission is to empower organizations to implement effective operational and financial decisions through advanced research, objective analysis, and innovative solutions in compensation and total rewards management. Our vision is to elevate and enrich organizations with equitable, competitive, and highly effective compensation and human resources systems through reliable and resourceful partnerships. Our goal is to optimize HR functions through objective analysis, modern thinking, innovative design, and affordable professional services.

Why Choose Our Services

HR Know is highly qualified, committed, and dedicated to independent and objective analysis; modern innovative designs; and integrity of our products and services.

We prioritize to absorb your business model and philosophy. HR Know does not apply “canned” or “cookie cutter” solutions.

We develop solutions drawn from industry best practices justified with sound research, organizational theory, and multi-industry experience that are tailored specifically for your organization’s needs.

We operate swiftly, efficiently, and effectively. Our minimal overhead allows us to pass cost effective savings along to our clients than consulting firms who have a high overhead structure.

Our program solutions result in increased cost savings, employee morale, and productivity.

We set-up automated tools and coach clients to function without extensive continued consulting support.

We offer additional 6-month period of monitoring and calibrating systems, structures, and job design (at no fee).

Our goal is to optimize HR functions through objective analysis, modern thinking, innovative design, and affordable professional services.

You are a high profile client in our organization. Our clients can call us in the evening and on the weekends and we are usually available on short notice for an appointment. You are a "big fish” in our pond.

HR Know does not charge for duplications, canned products, research papers, and templates, unless those templates are specifically designed at the client’s request and to the client’s specifications.

HR Know Systems can allow for flexibility in design and implementation approaches.

HR Know does not charge for hours required to re-design, re-write, or re-evaluate components of work that were not done initially in accordance with the client’s specifications, expectations, or quality standards.

HR Know uses only the most reliable data sources, reputable surveys, and products that are accepted by courts, IRS auditors, and government agencies. We do not use self-reporting internet salary surveys or unreliable data sources.

Meet Your Experts

We are a team of highly experienced HR professionals, practitioners, analysts, and experts specializing in wage market studies, executive compensation analysis, wage and benefits surveys, job classification design, job pricing and pay grade assignment, individual pay equity audits, pay systems design, pay policy development, and employment analytics (i.e. turnover, internal equity adjustments, EEO reporting, consistent methods to pay assignment, etc.).

Our team of consultants provide ongoing and project-based support to clients from a broad spectrum of organizations across many industries in the US and overseas. We offer a wide range of services and expertise in all aspects of total rewards and human resource management. Our goal is to optimize Human Resources functions through objective analysis, modern thinking, and innovative design. We are highly dedicated and committed to independent, objective analysis and integrity in our work and our minimal overhead allows us to pass the savings along to our clients.

We will exceed your compensation and human resources needs.

How can we assist in making a transformational change with your compensation structure today?

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What Makes Us Different

Each member of our team possesses is certified professional with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of our trade. But our ultimate advantage is our versatility; we have a diverse lineup of clients across different, business models, industries, and sectors. We provide services for public, private, and non-profit organizations with passion, commitment, and confidence.

As opposed to our primary competitors that never set foot in their client like environment –be that a plant, hospital floor, warehouse, or service desk, we come from these spaces. We gained extensive hands-on, analytical, and executive experience from doing the work, not just advising, or theorizing it. Each member of our team grew from an analyst to a consultant, designing and implementing the systems and solutions we offer. Our team has built hundreds of systems, policies, and processes, both as practitioners and consultants.

Over the years we have developed advanced, comprehensive methodologies for job design, pay structure development, market studies, and equity analysis. But when it comes to building systems or offering solutions, we do not use cookie-cutter techniques. Exploring creative ideas and building quality systems individually tailored for our clients’ organizations is our ultimate approach.

Our affordability comes without compromise in quality, timing, or commitment. Yet, our rates are significantly lower than those of many other consulting firms. Furthermore, we bill our clients only for productive time, never bill for telephone calls, email exchanges, or quick follow up meetings. You ask how can we afford it? Simple: high productivity, no idling, no executive bonuses, and no exuberant expenses.